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Brown Girl Self-Care

Sep 27, 2021

How do you handle delays in your life?  Are you fussy, fearful and impatient or are you able to stay patient and trust in God's timing.  Here's an embarrassing diddy about the time I (recently) experienced a delay and how I handled it like a non boss .  I also have three takeaways about delays and how they aren't a "no"...

Sep 20, 2021

I've got a listener question for you today.  Shout out to Tamia for being an awesome listener of the show and for writing to me at . This episode is all about being consistent during the times we don't want to be.

Want some self-care love by way of text messages that come directly from me? ...

Sep 13, 2021

Y'all, I carried a ton of tension around in my body back in the day and didn't realize it.  In today's episode I'm sharing exactly what that tension represented and where in my body I felt it.  

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Sep 6, 2021

Hey Sis,

I know that it's Labor Day and all, but I'm still hitting you with an episode of the show.

Have you ever run away from your greatness and the better that God has for you?  Deep down you knew it was there but it scared you so much to have to walk into that season of uncertainty it caused you to make excuses, run...