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Brown Girl Self-Care

Jun 27, 2022

Hey, welcome back!

In this episode I'm talking about something that seems pretty popular these days - starting your life over from scratch.  I've been thinking about this to various degrees for some time now and so today I'm sharing my thought process as well as some questions you should ask yourself if you've ever...

Jun 20, 2022

Hello my darlings!

Welcome back to the Brown Girl Self-Care Podcast.  On todays episode I'm getting real about some areas of my life I've had to acknowledge and/or begin working through to heal my daddy wounds.  

1. Being assertive

2. Learning how to receive

3. Embrace softness 

4. Being there for myself

5. Allowing...

Jun 13, 2022

Hey Girl!

Welcome back to the Brown Girl Self-Care Podcast.  Today I am in conversation with fashion icon, actress, tv host, author and speaker Bevy Smith.   Recently she spoke on the TED stage about confidence, being authentic and how life gets greater, later. 

In this episode, Bevy is dropping major gems on life,...

Jun 6, 2022

Welcome back to the Brown Girl Self-Care podcast.  With what is happening in the U.S. there may be times when you are out and about, wanting to "just be" or prioritize yourself, but it doesn't feel completely possible because you don't feel safe.  Instead of giving up on self-care, think about ways that you can make...