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Brown Girl Self-Care

Jul 25, 2022

Hey, hey!!

In this episode of the podcast I'm in conversation with connector and story teller Brie Penermon, Founder of FitBeads, who ethically sources and offers waistbeads that foster self-love, body-love and culture for women.

Brie shares with us how she lost herself and ended up risking her health in the hopes of...

Jul 18, 2022

Hey, hey!  In this episode I'm getting candid about no longer being stuck in my life and the one thing I've had to do to continue moving forward in my healing.  I promise that it sounds simple but it can in fact require a ton of courage.  I hope this episode blesses and helps you to not feel like you're the only person...

Jul 11, 2022

Hello Beautiful Black Woman!

Welcome back to the Brown Girl Self-Care Podcast.  In today's episode I'm sharing four surprising ways you may have not been a safe space for another Black woman.  This episode is not about judgement or blame but about awareness and reflection as we continue leaning into community care and...

Jul 4, 2022

Hey, Hey!

How easy has it been for you to tap into self-care?  How does it feel to be vulnerable by being in community with other Black woman?  What would your life look like six months from now if you were in a space where the people in the environment lead with compassion, grace and support?  How would you tap...