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Dear White Women

Apr 17, 2019

The issues with race, sexism, and overall inequality are still very prominent in our current political climate and society as a whole. While it may not be the most comfortable issue to address, Sara and Misasha discuss the importance of acknowledging and combating these injustices.

They also discuss the necessity that white people should care about these issues by highlighting history, science, and current events. Tune into this episode of Dear White People to hear more about the structural imbalance we’re all experiencing societally and how you can make a difference in combating today’s racial inequalities. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Getting over hate and laws that help perpetuate inequality 
  • Privilege associated with money and scandals 
  • Rising by lifting others 
  • Pillars that support psychological and overall wellness 
  • How happiness influences success 
  • The link between justice and well-being 
  • How can we – as a society – link fairness and health more conclusively 
  • Affirmative action and perspective 
  • Why we need policies in place 
  • The history of slavery and oppression in America 
  • What gives women equal representation 
  • How racism and sexism still impact colored women directly 
  • Inherent biases 
  • Acknowledging color blindness in America 
  • Modifying our vocabulary and measurements of race 
  • Combating the sense of individual ignorance 
  • Identifying an action point 
  • Educating yourself to make more impactful choices 
  • Finding ways to get involved 
  • Taking responsibility to make a difference