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Dear White Women

Apr 17, 2019

While women have come a long way in regards to rights and gaining positions of influence, the fight for women’s equality is still ongoing. Although, when it comes to feminism it’s easy to dismiss the fact that it’s not only a matter of sexism, but a matter of racism. 

Today Sara and Misasha discuss what it looks like to be completely bought into women’s rights, the influence women have in society, and how we can implement that into our own lives by empowering others. If you’re passionately curious about making an impact to better the lives of women, people of color, and the direction of society, tune into this episode of Dear White Women. 

Show Highlights: 

  • How women can encourage and influence people around them with conversation 
  • Becoming more aware of the system and individual racism 
  • The importance of continuing to acknowledge the past
  • Keeping people educated 
  • How racism in the past impacted sexism 
  • How feminism can be conflated with white supremacy 
  • Men in power disrespecting women 
  • Addressing major issues in politics regarding women 
  • How daily acts can shift the influence of society 
  • Taking our power and manifesting our role as women 
  • What makes the women of color experience different 
  • The impact of micro-aggressions and implicit biases
  • Encouraging people to talk about differences 
  • Understanding the why behind things 
  • Using our differences to find strength and unity