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Dear White Women

Apr 24, 2019

Practicing feminism is something most women are proud to participate in, but white women, in particular, tend to be unaware of how exclusive feminism itself can truly be. Intersectional feminism is a term that isn’t widely used, but should be widely practiced.

Today, Sara and Misasha discuss what it means to be an intersectional feminist and why practicing it is so important. To better understand the history and impact of intersectional feminism and how you can implement it into your own life, tune into this episode of Dear White Women. 

Show Highlights: 

  • The history behind intersectional feminism 
  • Recognizing white privilege without getting defensive 
  • Finding your voice 
  • Being aware of the words you choose to use 
  • How white women collectively dominate feminism 
  • The differences between radical feminism, feminism, and white feminism 
  • Feeling invalidated by people who aren’t minorities 
  • Fighting for the race of minimum wage 
  • Why the white women experience is not the narrative for all women 
  • Culture appropriation and cherry-picking traditions 
  • How awareness can prevent potentially harmful behavior 
  • Being inclusive of everyone, not just white women 
  • Finding your own voice but listening to others 
  • Advocating for other people’s issues but not speaking for them 
  • How micro-aggressions can cause damage to people 
  • Choosing to be aware of discrimination despite whether or not you experience it first hand 
  • Modeling intersectional feminism for your children and others