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Dear White Women

May 1, 2019

Today's episode includes special guest, coach and scholar, Adebisi Adebowale. Adebisi joins Sara and Misasha in a discussion regarding the college admissions scandals. They share their thoughts on what these transgressions mean in regards to white privilege, society’s definition of success, and how to approach large scale misconduct. To hear more thoughts about the impact of these scandals and how we can take affirmative action, tune into this episode of Dear White Women. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Different perspectives on the college admission scandal 
  • The problem with approaching life with a mindset of entitlement 
  • The unlikelihood of students being unaware of the scandals 
  • How deceitful people and institutions can be 
  • Doing right by the system 
  • What role punishment plays in scandals involved with high society individuals 
  • Why it’s important for minorities to attend predominately white schools 
  • How you see affirmative action happen today 
  • How affirmative action functions on a university level 
  • Addressing people who are critical about affirmative action
  • Being inclusive of minorities 
  • Having humility and being teachable 




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