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Dear White Women

May 15, 2019

Have you ever had a thought that didn’t feel completely your own? Have you ever had to counter your initial reaction to a situation? It’s likely that those ideas were stimulated from your subconscious and they are trying to protect you. But from what? 

Today, Sara and Misasha discuss the psychology behind implicit bias and the impact of our unconscious thoughts. To hear more about the role bias plays in society and how to reprogram your own subconscious tune into this episode of Dear White Women. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Diversity training and overcoming unconscious bias 
  • What constitutes as your conscious and unconscious thoughts 
  • How emotional reactions correlate with your unconscious 
  • What forms the basis of our unconscious 
  • What influences implicit bias 
  • Identifying instances in which implicit bias is present 
  • Measuring your own implicit biases 
  • The impact underestimating individuals has on people 
  • How poverty and inequality effects children 
  • How bias gets incorporated in “colorblind” sources 
  • Deciding what you value 
  • Creating an equal socio-economic society 
  • Accepting and evaluating our biases 
  • Resetting preconceived notions 
  • Taking action to shift your subconscious