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Dear White Women

May 22, 2019

We’ve seen a major shift to becoming more accepting as a society over the years, but implicit biases and micro-aggressions still occur more often than you’d think. 

Today, Misasha and Sara discuss what makes up a micro-aggression and how to identify words or actions that may be unintentionally offensive. It’s important that we all grow in our awareness and continue to reflect on our own views by acknowledging any potential biases we may have. This episode talks about the vitality of not invalidating others’ experiences and how we can help others become more aware of their own implicit biases. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Identifying micro-aggressions and the different categories of micro-aggressions 
  • Evaluating what constitutes as a micro-aggression
  • The other minorities that micro-aggressions have extended to outside of race 
  • The psychological and emotional toll that micro-aggressions have on individuals 
  • Dealing with direct bias as a woman of color 
  • Subconscious bias and how people can become more aware of their underlying prejudices 
  • Things people say/do that they don’t recognize as micro-aggressions 
  • Maintaining a level of awareness and sensitivity no matter what setting you’re in 
  • Understanding others’ experiences and using them to reflect on your own biases 
  • Standing up for what you believe in and against discrimination even in uncomfortable situations