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Dear White Women

May 29, 2019

We all have our own preconceived notions - it’s part of being human, but how we choose to challenge and question those biases is what’s important. Today’s episode contains interviews with three individuals with unique narratives, who have experienced the backlash of others' misperceptions. Brittany, Brandon, and Golnaz all have distinct differences in their stories but also share an array of commonalities. To hear more about Brittany, Brandon, and Golnaz’s experiences as minorities join us for this interview on Dear White Women.  

Show Highlights: 

  • Most common misunderstandings people have when they meet Brittany 
  • What wearing a scarf symbolizes in Muslim culture 
  • The impact that being confronted with slurs and insults has made in Brittany’s life 
  • Muslim customs that non-Muslims should know 
  • Most common misconceptions people have when they meet Brandon 
  • Factors that lead people to have bias against Brandon 
  • Assumptions people make about athleticism 
  • Dealing with backhanded compliments 
  • Handling explicit racism and coping with the impact 
  • Brandon and Sara discuss whether people are getting better or worse when it comes to judging before getting to know someone 
  • What people’s initial assumptions are when they meet Golnaz 
  • Dealing with bias as the only minority 
  • The struggle of having immigrant parents as a minority