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Dear White Women

Mar 24, 2021

We are two Asian American women sitting here, shaken, devastated, and ANGRY about the senseless loss of life in Atlanta.  Yet at the same time that we heard that eight people, including six Asian women, had been murdered in their place of business by a sole white male shooter - we were waiting for the excuses. For the lone shooter story. And for the lack of white accountability. And we weren’t disappointed.  

Regardless of the shooter’s story, to Asians, this is a hate crime. The problem is that we have a long history in the United States of not being able to call hate crimes what they are - and to not see hate, especially when it’s directed against the model minority.

Ultimately, we need to unify against White supremacy, and call a spade a spade - we must hold people accountable when they commit acts of White supremacy.

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What to listen for:

  • The disparate treatment different-looking perpetrators of violence receive in the media
  • Why the lone shooter theory, or focusing on the shooter’s characteristics and excuses, continues to perpetuate White supremacy
  • The long history of anti-Asian hate in this country, and the recent spike since 2020 due to racist language from our former President
  • Why the model minority myth and the perceived “closeness” to White people have made Asian hate crimes invisible and harder to be classified as actual hate crimes


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