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Dear White Women

May 12, 2021

Continuing with this focus on our Asian stories during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this May, we want to dismantle one of the most harmful stereotypes of Asian Americans:  that of the “model minority.”  But what is it, exactly?

It’s many things - we’ve got tons of examples.  But fundamentally, it’s the thing that has us believe that all Asians are subservient, meek, and inherently successful - and ignores the complicated history of Asian immigration, the fact that Asians aren’t a monolith, and why this label hurts all of us.

But, other people might argue - as stereotypes go, it seems like a great thing to be called, right?  We disagree.  And today, we’re going to talk about why we stand against this idea of Asian people being thought of as a model minority. 

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What to listen for: 

  • What is the model minority myth, and where did it originate?
  • The immigration policies that limited and shaped the influx of people of Asian descent into the United States until the mid-1900s.
  • The tremendous disparities between the incomes and “success” of Indians in America compared to say Burmese in America - and yet we are all lumped together as “Asian”
  • Why we firmly stand against the idea of the model minority


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