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Dear White Women

Jun 16, 2021

Mamas, here’s a real question for you: How Whyte are your spaces?

We write that word that way because the censors seem to be limiting our ability to write it as w-h-i-t-e without being hurt by the algorithms.

But really, when we talk about a summer of action, we mean starting within your very own spheres of influence.  And as moms, we have a lot of influence.  So let’s start by looking at our own circles!

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What to listen for:

  • What Larisa’s experiences of being a woman of color in mothering circles have been like
  • How Heymama, a fantastic international network of moms, has made a point to embrace inclusivity - and what they’ve done to make these changes
  • Advice for mom communities on what to think about when you’re considering being more inclusive

About Larisa and HeyMama: 

Larisa Courtien is the Senior Director of Partnerships and Experiences at Heymama, a private, inclusive community for working moms who are building their careers and families. #HeyMama

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