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Dear White Women

Aug 4, 2021

When you think about liberation, what comes to mind: Intentional action? Physical protests? Thoughtful contemplation? One thing we didn’t really think about was minimalism as a form of liberation. We didn’t see the connection then between liberation and simplifying until after we spoke with our guest, and read her book. Now we believe: less can be liberation.

Today we interview Christine Platt, who is also known as the Afrominimalist. And in preparation, ask yourself: what is a minimalist space? Once you’ve got that vision, the next question is: whose aesthetic is this? After you listen to this episode, we challenge you to tell five people about this episode - and then start examining how minimalism can be liberation in YOUR life and other ways to view minimalism that aren’t part of the mainstream narrative. And then go and buy her book, The Afrominimalist.

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What to listen for:

  • Why minimalism is so difficult to begin to embrace in the first place
  • What Afrominimalism does that makes it stand out from decluttering and following the Instagram vision of minimalism and Marie Kondo-ing your spaces
  • How your energy shifts once as you transition to your own aesthetic, and how YOU can get started making changes in your own life right now

About Christine: 

Christine Platt is a modern-day Renaissance woman. From serving as an advocate for policy reform to using the power of storytelling as a tool for social change, Christine’s work reflects her practice of living with intention. She holds a BA in Africana Studies, an MA in African-American Studies, and a JD in General Law. Christine has written over two dozen literary works for people of all ages. When she’s not writing, Christine spends her time curating The Afrominimalist—a creative platform chronicling her journey to minimalism. Visit her online at TheAfrominimalist or on Instagram @afrominimalist.


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