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Dear White Women

Nov 23, 2021

We’ve been asked a lot about how to have uncomfortable conversations lately - namely, the reality that, yikes, my people are coming over for the holidays and how on earth do I handle it when those uncomfortable, racist, inappropriate comments and jokes come up? (Because let’s be real - they’re coming up.)

While there is no official checklist for success, we DO have quite a number of tips to help guide you and your group into more meaningful, engaging conversations around your holiday table.

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What to listen for:

  • Tips for before, during, and after your holiday gatherings
  • A selection of these tips include:
    • knowing yourself and your why,
    • setting healthy boundaries,
    • using our favorite question “what do you mean by that?”
    • using “I statements,”
    • questions you can use to reflect on what worked/didn’t work after the event.
  • You’ll want to listen to the short episode to get the whole range of how to use these tips and more!


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