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Dear White Women

Feb 8, 2022

At the time that A Kids Book About Racism was published, there was no other book like this.  There was no other book written FOR kids talking directly about racism, let alone a book that was written by someone who looked like Misasha’s mixed-race kids.  She still has that copy; they’ve read it as a family countless times, and the kids have read it themselves a ton since then.  Since then, she’s added about ten more A Kids Book About books to her family library. 

Today we have the true honor of talking with Jelani Memory, the founder of A Kids Co, who sits down with us to talk about something that’s close to our hearts: talking to our kids.  


How do we talk to them?  What do we talk to them about?  And what do kids REALLY want to talk about?  


We dive into these questions, and so many more, on this episode, which is a must-listen for parents - or really, anyone who has an interest in how this generation of kids are going to show up in the world as adults.


What to listen for: 

  • What prompted the move from a single A Kids Book About Racism to an entire company, A Kids Co, which aims to empower your kids to be their best selves 
  • How the publishing industry received this brand new, intentional, diverse book publishing model
  • Jelani’s tips for how parents can have uncomfortable conversations with their children about race, and more
  • The positive impact open conversations have - and the effect shutting them down can have - on the long-term parent-child relationship 


About Jelani:


Jelani Memory is a constantly curious writer, entrepreneur, and storyteller. He lives in his hometown of Portland, OR, with his wife and six kids. 

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