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Dear White Women

Mar 29, 2022


This episode follows the same thread that we started in last week’s episode: namely, how do we create inclusive workplaces, especially for women of color?  And this week’s guest knows all about that and more, especially when it’s related to women of color in STEM.


This week we get the pleasure of sitting down with Michele Heyward, who’s not only an engineer herself but the founder of PositiveHire (and we’ll let her tell you more about that), to talk about diverse women in STEM, her own podcast Dear Corner Office, why unconscious bias training often don’t work, if there’s really a “pipeline problem,” and so much more.  Get ready to take some notes (and add a new podcast to your list!).


What to listen for: 

  • Understanding the mismatch between how so many White women think they’re being allies in the workplace, while so many women of color don’t think they have allies
  • Why unconscious bias training doesn’t work, and what to do instead
  • Deconstructing the “pipeline problem” - and why we have such a problem with that thinking


About Michele:

Michele Heyward is the founder and CEO of PositiveHire, a tech company engineered to bridge the gap between enterprises and underrepresented women in STEM professions. Michele is a civil engineer who is an experienced project manager in the energy sector armed with technical sales and technology transfer experience. 

Michele’s vision is to not only help black, Latina and indigenous women find inclusive workplaces, but to prepare enterprises to receive them, and help those enterprises recruit them. This approach makes PositiveHire the premiere recruiting platform for black, Latina, and indigenous women professionals.

Michele has a B.S. degree in civil engineering and an M.S. degree in industrial management, both from Clemson University. A South Carolina native, Michele enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, Toastmasters, and making connections personally and professionally. Michele has a passion for engaging with others on social media.