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Dear White Women

Apr 12, 2022

This episode’s topic was inspired by a webinar about banned books that featured Nikole Hannah-Jones, Nic Stone, and Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, in conversation with Dr. Emily Knox. IT. WAS. FIRE. But it also got us thinking about CRT, banned books, and the link between the two. 

So in today’s episode, we answer several questions: first, what is CRT and what is it not (hint: it’s not being taught in K-12 schools); second, where are we seeing the most restrictions around school curriculum, including banned books; and third, why banning books and being anti-history hurts ALL of us.  AND importantly, we’ll be discussing some practical ways you can help stem this harmful tide, so you’ll want to listen until the end.

What to listen for: 
What IS critical race theory, actually?  
How CRT been misused to discuss culturally relevant teaching
We think anti-CRT should just be called anti-history 
The (frightening) increase in book bans recently - even when polls are showing the majority of American voters and parents are opposed to book bans
What you can do right now to get loud