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Dear White Women

May 31, 2022

This summer, instead of spending 50-60 minutes sharing some of the most amazingly honest and thought provoking conversations that we’ve been personally privileged to have (the listen), or doing a deep dive into some part of our collective history that we may have never learned about in school (the learn), or sometimes getting up on our soapbox to get loud and angry about what’s going on in current events and what we can do about it (the act), we’re shaking things up a bit. (Don’t worry - we’ll definitely do all of those things in the fall…).  

But in the summer, we’re doing shorter, focused episodes that lean into the practical tips that we dive into in our book, get very personal with us and our work, and aim to leave you with action items and agency to keep making a difference in your own spheres of influence, even in a summer that may be less structured or busier in different ways. And this episode includes a special AMA about being biracial and the most common questions we’re often asked about this part of our identities in America.

What to listen for: 

  • How addressing both of our identities (Japanese and White) has impacted our perspectives about racism, and how that’s shifted since having kids
  • What we think about our own racial identities
  • Why we believe cultivating a strong grounding in your own identities is key for biracial individuals in America