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Dear White Women

Jul 12, 2022

So our book, Dear White Women: Let’s Get (Un)comfortable Talking About Racism is broken into three sections: On Being White in America; On Being Black in America; On Being a Non-Black Person of Color in America.  

And here’s the question we get when people see that structure: Why do we need to focus on the experiences of Black people in this country? 

In this episode, we tell you why - including sharing some things we all need to (re)learn, since it’s not all taught in our schools.


What to listen for: 

  • Establishing that slavery was part of the founding of this country
  • Why we are still talking about this, two years after the murder of George Floyd (including Misasha’s personal feelings about her family’s safety - and how that fear hasn’t changed AT ALL over the last couple of years)
  • Book recommendations to learn more of the history we weren’t taught in schools, including The New Jim Crow, The Sum of Us, How the Word Was Passed, and our book