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Dear White Women

Jul 19, 2022

One question that comes up frequently enough from White, or non-Black, people to cause us to write not only a whole chapter in our book trying to answer it, but also record this podcast episode, is short but impactful: “Can I say the N-word?” 

The short answer is no. Absolutely not. The longer answer? Listen to this episode to hear not only why you should never be saying the n-word, but also why it’s so important to educate our kids to never say it either. 


What to listen for: 

  • The history of how the n-word came to be, and how it never had any other meaning besides a hateful one
  • Who has used the n-word throughout history (and that still never makes it okay for White people to say it)
  • Sara’s advice for non-Black parents of non-Black kids with regard to how to teach our kids about this word