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Dear White Women

Jul 26, 2022

This episode was recorded before the Dobbs decision came out, but it highlights what we know to be true - there is a disparate impact on Black and brown women when it comes to reproductive justice in this country. And for all of you who have told us, “I’d really like to be friends with Black women, but I don’t understand their experiences,” you’ll want to listen extra carefully. 


This episode highlights all of the extra things that Black women go through when it comes to things that should be safe in our country for all women: pregnancy, childbirth, maternal mortality, and so much more. We hope you listen, and then take action in your own communities to protect the rights of all people with the capacity for pregnancy.


What to listen for: 

  • How our politicians still seem to want to separate race from maternal health statistics, and why that couldn’t be farther from the truth
  • Why historic inequity plays a role into not only maternal health, but fetal health, pregnancy care, and so much more
  • What we can do right now to be allies in this struggle that impacts all of us, including resources you’ll want to bookmark


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