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Dear White Women

Aug 30, 2022

Over the last 3.5 years, we’ve had this weekly podcast (now on episode 182!), we’ve written a book (Dear White Women: Let’s Get (Un)comfortable Talking About Racism), and we’ve spoken with many different people at many different organizations.  Meaning, we’ve heard and learned a lot of things.


With a few exceptions, our sense is that people *want* to be seen as good people; they say they *want* to be more anti-racist.  But despite their best intentions, some things get in the way of you actually *doing* something to make positive change: You don’t feel like you know enough, you don’t want to make a mistake, and so you don’t feel like you know what to actually do.


So this episode is meant as a kick in the pants at the end of our summer of action, to give you a LOT of ideas.  Listen through and if something sparks your interest or speaks to you, write it down; remember it; come back to it and DO it.  


Listen for tips on what you can do at your kitchen table, your workplace, the voting booth, with your money, at your kids’ schools if you have kids, and more. 


And then the best thing you can do?  Share this episode with a friend - and let us know what you think!


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