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Dear White Women

Sep 6, 2022

In all of this anti-racism work, have you ever had a time when the fear of making a mistake kept you from speaking up?  It’s not every day we get to interview a NYT bestselling author who’s willing to share how she’s made mistakes so that you know we ALL mess up from time to time.  


A huge hello and welcome to author Kate Schatz - author, activist, educator, and queer feminist mama who’s been talking, writing, and teaching about race, gender, social justice, and equity for many years.  She’s also an incredible person who wrote a blurb in support of our book and showed up IN PERSON to host our Dear White Women book launch tour in San Francisco!  


If you’ve got kids, go buy her Rad Women book series, and now, go buy the workbook she co-authored with next week’s guest, Kamau Bell - it’s called Do the work: An AntiRacist Activity Book.  Which I just found in the library too!  But it’s much better to buy your own copy so you can write all throughout it.  Listen in to learn about what she’s hearing from White women, what sorts of mistakes she’s made - especially White women, listen up, we all make mistakes! So get over it and GO DO THE WORK - and listen to how you can use this workbook in your own life.  


What to listen for: 

  • What pushbacks Kate hears from White women
  • Some mistakes Kate has made in “the work” of anti-racism
  • Why it was important to include dialogue between the co-authors in each section of the book
  • Kate’s thoughts on what people can start doing immediately after buying the workbook

KATE SCHATZ is an author, activist, educator, and queer feminist mama who's been talking, writing and teaching about race, gender, social justice, and equity for many years. She's the New York Times-bestselling author of the "Rad Women" book series, (Rad American Women A-Z, Rad Women Worldwide, Rad Girls Can, and Rad American History A-Z), and her book of fiction Rid of Me: A Story is part of the cult-favorite 33 series. Along with W. Kamau Bell, she’s the co-author of Do the Work: An AntiRacist Activity Book.  For more information, please visit:, or follow Kate on Twitter here and Instagram here.