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Dear White Women

Nov 15, 2022

Hey, so remember how last week we were talking about how we have hope?  This is another conversation and way of thinking that gives me hope - in particular for anybody who knows children, knows new parents, or thinks they might eventually know folks who might want to stop reading the outdated encyclopedia that we call What to Expect when you’re Expecting and flip over to a more contemporary, inclusive, humane book to learn about parenting.  

Misasha got the opportunity to speak with Jelani Memory recently on their Better Grownups podcast and we’re thrilled to bring him back to discuss the company’s newest venture - 100 Diverse Voices on Parenthood.  

What to listen for: 

  • The many powerful ways this new parenting book - 100 Diverse Voices on Parenthood - stands out from the books currently on the market
  • What it took to produce A Kids Co book written by so many people, for adults, compared to the single-author kid books they’ve published so far
  • How Jelani hopes that all parents - White parents included - know that this book is for them, to give the proverbial microphone to a wide range of people who are experts in their own experiences and have the knowledge to share with all of us.
  • The exciting next steps for A Kids Co! 

About Jelani:

Jelani Memory (he/him) is a constantly curious writer, entrepreneur, and storyteller. He's the Founder of A Kids Co. a bold new kind of media company that strives to empower a generation of kids through diverse storytelling.  He's the author of A Kids Book About Racism and A Little Book About Fear.  He was previously co-founder of Circle Media Inc. He currently lives in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, with his wife and 6 kids.