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Dear White Women

Dec 20, 2022

This was a conversation that made us lose track of time.  Because even if the core conversation about transracial adoption doesn’t capture your attention - which it should because nearly 30% of kids who are adopted are adopted across borders or across cultures or race - the trajectory this conversation takes into why adoption should NOT be positioned as a solution to abortion absolutely is a perspective you don’t want to miss - along with all the other nuggets of wisdom around identity and belonging as well.

Thrilled to be bringing you insights from Patrick Armstrong, someone we don’t just know from the virtual airwaves but now, thanks to some great opportunities to speak together, in real life too. And if you want to hear more about his journey as not only an adoptee, but as an outspoken advocate for adoptees and, due to his lived experience, transracial adoptees in particular, you’re going to want to listen all the way to the end, and then follow him on every platform out there.

What to listen for: 

  • The moment that Patrick - a transracial adoptee from Korea, raised in a White family - realized that he wanted to explore his Asian identity.  Hat tip, Always Be My Maybe.
  • How transracial adoption shaped Patrick’s identity and influenced his sense of belonging
  • That adoption currently centers the child - and the importance of considering the adults, and how broken the systems are that lead to families being torn apart 
  • Thoughts on positioning adoption as the alternative to abortion.  Hint: It’s not.

About Patrick:  

Patrick Armstrong (he/him) is a transracial Korean American adoptee, podcaster, speaker, and

advocate. He is one of the co-hosts of the Janchi Show, a podcast that explores and celebrates

the experiences and stories of Korean adoptees everywhere. He helped start the Asian

Adoptees of Indiana, a group dedicated to creating a safe, engaging community for all Asian

adoptees who need it. He is currently based in Indianapolis.



Instagram: @patrickintheworld

TikTok: @patrickintheworld