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Dear White Women

Jan 10, 2023

One of our philosophies is that anti-racism work has to be done in a way that’s sustainable - meaning, just like we can’t post a black square to Instagram and say we’re done, we also can’t spread ourselves too thin or work ourselves to the point of irredeemable fatigue because then we also stop having impact.  

So to kick off this year, we are bringing you a really open conversation on a topic we don’t as a society speak openly about Women’s health (which, for men, is often just called “health.”)

In particular, we want you to know this conversation is specifically NOT reproductive health, which is often what women’s health is solely classified as, but rather all the things that happen with our bodies related to our hormones, periods, menopause, symptoms, and society’s lack of support.  To have this conversation in partnership, we bring you the founder of a groundbreaking, personalized, online Traditional Chinese Medicine company.  

Because if we can work to support and balance ourselves from the root causes upwards, we will be able to be more vibrant impactful versions of ourselves.  


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What to listen for: 

  • What symptoms many women actually experience every month due to their very natural, human menstrual cycle
  • Current treatments available - you’d be surprised
  • How women of color are impacted by periods
  • What Traditional Chinese Medicine offers that’s different from Western medicine, and how Elix fits into this idea of personalized medicine

About our guest: 

Lulu created Elix in 2020 to destigmatize and normalize menstrual and hormonal health through an East meets West approach. A portmanteau of elixir and helix, Elix is the first digital platform to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine's (TCM) 5,000 years of wisdom with a proprietary algorithm to empower self-healing. The company formulates pure and potent liquid herbal extracts to treat hormonal imbalances at the root cause of painful and life-disrupting symptoms. By digitizing in-depth TCM health assessments and consults, Elix offers easy access to personalized herbal liquid formulas to heal holistically.

After experiencing debilitating pain after getting off birth control, Lulu found her way back to TCM and was able to heal from within at the root cause. Recognizing a white space, Lulu launched Elix at the onset of the pandemic and so far, the company has raised $2.7m, grown 2700% with customers ages 16-52 from all 50 states and Canada (about half are WOC) -- clearly resonating with the community.

With health autonomy, knowledge, and access under dire threat, Lulu is determined to help women with periods feel more empowered about and in control of their own health and well-being. I'd love to speak with you further about Lulu as a guest! She can speak about why WOC are chronically gaslit about their pain, the need to normalize period talk, and how the pandemic changed some periods among other topics.