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Dear White Women

Aug 21, 2019

Creating an atmosphere that celebrates and encourages individuals no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, or political views is the vision we are all collectively striving to achieve. The Alphabet Rockers have taken the initiative to expand that vision and bring social and racial awareness to classrooms. 

Today’s interview with band member, Kaitlin McGaw, unpacks the importance of implementing a diverse perspective at a young age and how to facilitate that as a parent and administrator. Misasha, Sara, and Kaitlin dive into what it really means to be representative of diversity and a multicultural narrative. Join us for this reflective episode to learn more about taking a stance to break cycles of oppression. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Bringing an equity lens to race in schools and bringing awareness to students 
  • The importance of exposure and having conversations with multiethnic individuals 
  • What influenced and inspired Kaitlin to make music that celebrates social justice 
  • Why it’s vital to talk to children about race from an early age 
  • The power of administrative influence and how the atmosphere reflects on students 
  • Allowing space for compassion despite political views 
  • Empowering children to stand up for their emotions and what they believe in 
  • Teaching children how to be change-makers and encouraging empathy 
  • Talking to wealthy, white communities about racism and creating a model for vulnerability 
  • Why it’s necessary to have in-person conversations about difficult topics 
  • How to gauge when to combat micro-aggressions and when to let them go 
  • The Alphabet Rockers podcast and behind the scenes of their upcoming album 




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