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Dear White Women

Nov 21, 2023

If you heard our last episode on the myths surrounding Black-on-Asian crime, you heard that narratives pitting one historically marginalized community against another is a tactic sometimes used to distract us from the real enemy that we all should be focused on (hint: it’s white supremacy). It helps when we deconstruct the facts and look at real studies to dispel those myths – and helps, even more, when we get the opportunity to listen to stories of people who live the Black and Asian experience as a multiracial American, when we hear their heart-centered experiences from start to end.


That’s why we are so excited to share our conversation with Ryan Alexander Holmes, who’s not only an amazing actor (and king of hilarious reels on Instagram), but also someone who has thought deeply about race, identity, trauma, healing, and so much more. We believe that there’s something in this conversation for EVERYONE, regardless of how you identify, as it focuses on humanity first above all else.


What to listen for:

  • Our “secret superhero” names - and what our names mean to us

  • The impact of growing up in a conservative wealthy area, as one of the only African American families, and how Ryan claimed community and belonging anyway

  • How to find humor in (your own) culture, reorient your sense of validation, and speak your truth

  • What Ryan wants people to know about the misperceptions around Black on Asian crime (hint: it’s not real)

  • The importance of radical empathy and how to heal from racial trauma

About Ryan:

Ryan Alexander Holmes is an actor and content creator based in Los Angeles, known for his strong presence on social media where he uses comedy and writing to explore and embrace his mixed Chinese/African American heritage. He aims to inspire others of mixed backgrounds to embrace their identity and showcase the strength in multiculturalism.  You can find more information at and follow him on Instagram @ryanalexh.

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