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Dear White Women

Oct 9, 2019

Creating a space within a space to positively replay black parenthood was the vision of today’s guest. Sara and Misasha get to chat with Shanicia Boswell about her unique perspectives as a black parent, and how there’s something for everyone on her popular blog.

Shanicia Boswell is a self-described serial entrepreneur, best known for her Black Moms Blog, where she talks about parenting, culture, and lifestyle from a black mom’s point of view. She also has a company called the Self Care Retreat, where she takes women to international retreat destinations to release, relax, and unwind. Shanicia is also an accomplished photographer. 

Show Highlights:

  • Shanicia shares the compelling reasons that prompted her to start her Black Moms Blog.
  • Black Mom’s Blog content is about 70% parenting issues, including subjects such as intimacy and self-care that are relevant for any race, and around 30% issues that are more race-specific, with topics such as black hair care, how to be a stronger woman, and maternal death rates for blacks.
  • Caucasian moms are also part of her community. They sometimes show up to meet-ups, and for various reasons: they might have mixed children or may have adopted black children, and have questions when reading the blog articles.
  • Sara, Misasha, and Shanicia discuss relationships and how we connect with different races and sexes.
  • Having conversations can change perspectives, and changing it for one person at a time can have a domino effect and bring about change.
  • There’s a discrepancy between advertiser’s pay rates among white mom bloggers and black mom bloggers.
  • Shanicia imparts some ways she helps to create positive black experiences for her daughter, who is the only black student in her classroom.
  • Experiencing “Hair Day” with a white friend married to a black man with mixed children: get the food, snacks, and movies ready! Hair is such an important part of black culture.
  • Being labeled a single mother in any community typically carries a stigma, and even more so in the black community. Let’s dispel the myth of the single black mom. Shanicia suggests that “single woman” is a more positive narrative.
  • Residential Dad: Instagram’s Chronicles of Daddy has joined Black Moms Blog to speak on fatherhood!
  • Shanicia inspires us with her story behind becoming single and the hard work it took to successfully get back on her feet.
  • Self Care Retreat - you’re allowed to spend some time away from the kids to care for yourself. Without guilt!
  • Ways you can lead in love: great suggestions for a wonderful, yet often under-used attribute that women possess.

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