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Dear White Women

Dec 25, 2019

Sara and Misasha bring you a special holiday episode involving how to talk about race and politics over the holidays.

When we gather as families, we tend to avoid spending our time talking about hot-button issues, especially around the holidays.

Nobody wants a heated argument, but we may be missing out on opportunities to share opinions and get people talking about topics that are not ordinarily shared by those with the same viewpoints.

Show Highlights:

  • Addressing different beliefs begins with us talking to our families, educating them and showing them kindness and compassion in the process.
  • Having uncomfortable conversations with respect can lead to better communication and understanding.
  • Misasha shares some tips from an article written by Jordan Uhl to help your family members better understand your co-workers, classmates, neighbors and friends of color.
  • Misasha and Sara share statistics on race as it regards neighborhoods and friendships.
  • Sara shares suggestions on how to make people feel like they matter.
  • Starting conversations regarding these hard issues can seem daunting but gives us the opportunity for a host of other meaningful interactions about prejudices and inequality.
  • Remember to support queer and transgender folks this holiday season, especially those who may not have the support of their families.
  • Misasha shares the one question that can address the elephant in the room without expressly doing so.
  • Misasha provides journalist Ellen McGirt’s ideas on how to counter bigotry.

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