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Dear White Women

Apr 1, 2020

In today’s episode, Sara and Misasha share how COVID-19 has had a much bigger impact on the rights of immigrants in the United States and detainees at the border than what they originally thought.

Listen in to learn more about immigration, as it a key issue in this election year. Sara and Misasha bring you compelling information on those that are being held at our border, discuss the alarming public charge rule and other legislation that may be making its way down the pipeline.

Show Highlights:

  • In early March, the Trump Administration announced that they were going to start taking DNA from immigrant detainees at the border.
  • Thankfully, there are organizations who have team members still working alongside asylum-seekers and immigrants to achieve justice in the ICE detention centers and courtrooms.
  • At some detention facilities, there’s a lack of soap and hand sanitizer for those who are detained there.
  • The decision to close immigration courts has been left to individual judges.
  • The Justice Department has quietly asked Congress for the ability to ask chief judges to detain people indefinitely without a trial during emergencies.
  • President Trump has cited the recent pandemic as a reason for heightening border restrictions and restricting asylum claims. 
  • The Department also asked Congress to pause the statute of limitations for criminal investigations and civil proceedings during national emergencies and for one year following the end of national emergencies.
  • President Trump recently declared the Corona Virus a national emergency.
  • “Immigrants face a very tough choice during this crisis: risk exposure or risk homelessness”, states Louise McCarthy is the President & CEO of the Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County (CCALAC).
  • The public charge rule “enforces a long-standing law requiring aliens to be self-sufficient, reaffirming the American ideals of hard work, perseverance, and determination” is the official DHS definition. Misasha delves further into the rule.
  • Since the new rules announcement, there has been a nationwide uproar from civil rights groups.
  • Immigrants and low-wage workers will not fare well in the recently-passed Stimulus Package.
  • Suggestions from Sara and Misasha on ways to help the collective community.

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