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Dear White Women

Apr 15, 2020

We, Sara & Misasha, were honored to be featured on the podcast of a dear friend, Running Life: A Fitness Protection Production run by host Coach MK - and the content was so important and relevant that we are co-launching the show on both of our platforms today.

We entered the conversation because as a running coach who isn’t ever really “just” talking about the running, MK’s social media feeds had been covered with call-outs, shaming anyone who violates the recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control recommending that everyone cover their faces every time they leave the house.

But the truth is, people of color think about safety more than any of us ever will. From running with hoodies to walking into convenience stores with red bandanas serving as make-shift face coverings, people with darker skin will be judged differently - potentially fatally - even if they’re in the same scenarios that white people are in.

Enter Dear White Women.

We were asked to moderate this incredible roundtable discussion with Fitness Protection Sponsored Athlete Nikkia Young, ReBuild Coach Lovey Roundtree Oliff, and Dalia Kinsey of The School Nutrition Dietitian Podcast and the Body Liberation RD Instagram account - all of whom identify as black women.

Nobody has the same experience as someone else, and this is why conversations about different experiences are vital. To be clear, these are three college-educated, skilled women with considerable economic privilege; all three live in predominantly white neighborhoods – so keep in mind, some people of color face even more challenges. We invite you to listen, in spite of any discomfort you may feel because that is where real, lasting change begins.

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