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Dear White Women

May 20, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: This episode was recorded after Ahmaud Arbery's killing but before George Floyd's murder.

Sara and Misasha are excited to welcome Antonio Wint to the show. 

Antonio is a neighbor, father, and black man in a position of leadership with a diverse employee base who happens to enjoy running. In light of everything, Sara and Misasha wanted to hear his personal experiences and thoughts on how to talk with kids about a sport that has potentially dangerous consequences for the black population.

Listen in to this thoughtful conversation for tips on encouraging age-appropriate conversation, respect, and tolerance for all.

Show Highlights:

  • Antonio describes how he has had age-appropriate conversations about discipline and respecting authority with his son, who is now 10, over the years.
  • As a black male, he is raising his son to respect authority, and respecting authority starts in the home first.
  • The older his son has gotten, Antonio has been explaining relationships, and how the respect he shows to his parents at home must translate to law officers outside of the home.
  • Shows that have helped facilitate some of their conversations are “Black-ish” and “Mixed-ish”. 
  • It’s emotional and tough to tell your child that some people will find your very presence threatening.
  • How to talk about the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery.
  • Antonio discusses ways for us all to be more mindful of discrimination and teach tolerance.
  • Antonio describes his experiences with running and what he does to mitigate any potential problems.
  • Antonio shares how he handled a tense situation with a lurker in his neighborhood.
  • The differences between growing up in a black neighborhood and choosing to live in a white neighborhood as a black.
  • How using the COVID-19 event can have a positive impact on the health of the black community going forward. 
  • Let your neighbors know that they are not in this alone.

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