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Dear White Women

May 27, 2020

Aunt Flo, shark week, that time of the month, your red-headed friend: whatever you call your period, menstruation is a natural bodily function that happens to 50% of the population.

For the majority of us, we take our monthly supplies for granted. But what happens if you’re homeless, or if you have to choose each month between purchasing groceries or paying for your feminine hygiene supplies?

On today’s show, Sara chats with Geoff Davis, Executive Director of Period Kits, who is helping to solve that dilemma by providing period kits and dignity to that vulnerable segment of our population who need them the most. Misasha joins Sara to discuss ways to get involved on a local level.

Listen in to this inspiring story and learn how you can make a difference!

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What to listen for: 

  • Geoff provides an overview of the founding of Period Kits.
  • Each kit contains a 3-month supply of these products:
    • 40 tampons
    • 20 pads
    • 20 liners
    • 1 pack of personal wipes
    • 6 pairs of underwear
  • Geoff describes how women deal with menstruation when they can’t afford products.
  • Each year in January, Denver organizations go out with food and blankets and do a “point in time” survey to capture the number of people who are unstably housed.
  • These numbers are not exact, but the survey captures about one in two people for various reasons.
  • Geoff explains how they build the kits and the number of kits they provide each month. 
  • They are not able to keep with the demand from organizations and schools that are requesting Period Kits.
  • Geoff is using Period Kits as a way to campaign for broader change in our society.
  • The city of Denver removed menstrual products from the city sales tax because they’re classified as medically necessary, but the state tax still applies because it would cost them to lose about big money out of their budget.
  • Sara shares the costs of feminine hygiene products over the course of a woman’s life.

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Period Kits - Denver

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Shanicia Boswell of Black Moms Blog brought it to our attention that you can donate period products to your local homeless shelters as well.