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Dear White Women

Jun 3, 2020

Unless you’ve tuned out of the news altogether, you will have noted that our President has used language referring to the COVID-19 pandemic as “the China virus.” 

How do you think that has impacted the Asian-American population in our country? The stats of hate crimes and discrimination are clear - 1700 incidents reported within six weeks of tracking. It’s happening. If you’re not Asian but want to do something, where do you even begin to be an ally?

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What to listen for: 

  • Misasha’s personal story of being uncomfortable in the South
  • Examples of racism - sometimes deadly - against Asian individuals during the COVID-19 era
  • Various administration and senator’s words and actions, both encouraging discrimination and against discrimination
  • Organizations that are here to help, including Stop AAPI Hate and Act to Change including their AAPI giving campaign
  • What you can do as an ally or helpful bystander
  • Best tips to maintain your mental health if you’re subject to discrimination

If you’d like to educate yourself on how to combat Asian American racism via the 24-minute video we referenced in the episode, here it is

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