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Dear White Women

Jul 22, 2020

Since the influx of new listenership and followers ever since that awful weekend when Amy Cooper was exposed and George Floyd was murdered, we wanted to take this opportunity to re-introduce ourselves.

We are Sara & Misasha, co-hosts of the podcast Dear White Women - where we aim to make it easy to enter uncomfortable conversations about racial and social justice. 

We’re both daughters of a Japanese immigrant and White American, and we met over 20 years ago walking out of a racial identity meeting when we were undergraduates at Harvard. We’ve been great friends ever since, though we’ve only lived in the same city for one year since college. 

Where we differ is here: Misasha is married to a Black man from the South, and has two very mixed-race sons; Sara is married to a White Canadian man and has two White-presenting daughters. Misasha is a lawyer, fitness instructor, and amateur historian; Sara is a life coach, author, and facilitator who loves positive psychology.

All of these come together in our conversations that aim to expose the humanity and history of our country so that Misasha doesn’t have to worry that one day, her family might walk out the door and never come back, based purely on the color of their skin. 

Huge thank you to humorist Debbie Scheer for taking the time to ask us all the questions on this episode! 

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What to listen for:

  • Why is this show called Dear White Women?
  • Do we consider ourselves “people of color”?
  • That story when we experienced racism … in Japan.
  • What we think of the term “passing” and whether we think we do.
  • Ugly truth revelation: What we have done, felt or thought that might be racist.
  • What do we want to have come out of this podcast?  

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