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Dear White Women

Aug 19, 2020

If every person in the U.S. spent just $20 at a woman-owned business, it would drive more than five billion dollars towards female-led companies each month.

You’ve heard us talking on the show about how strongly we believe in the power of voting - both voting voting, which we’ll talk about on a later episode, and with your wallet. And we REALLY believe in women supporting women, all around.

This is where Dough comes in.

Motivated by the tremendous wallet power of female shoppers, and the fact that women influence 80% of consumer spending, Anna Palmer and Vanessa Bruce founded Dough, an online curated marketplace, to make it easy for women-led brands to connect with like-minded shoppers, and for wallet feminists to easily find and support women-owned businesses. And these women-led brands include a whole range of women, all shades, and identities. 

Talk about powerful. AND where we should all be planning to do our holiday shopping.

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What to listen for: 

  • The why behind the founding of Dough
  • How the company has had to pivot during COVID
  • The variety of hashtags on Dough supporting a variety of women in business, including #Blackgirlmagic, #Browngirlmagic, #Asiangirlmagic, and #notonAmazon
  • Dough’s vision for the future

Where can you shop Dough? 

Twitter:  @atjoindough

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