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Dear White Women

Aug 21, 2020

When you think about luxury shoe designers, who comes to mind? We’re fairly sure you’re not thinking about Natasha Standard from Norie Shoes - but you should be.

This military veteran not only makes amazing shoes that are stylish but walkable, but she also travels to Italy regularly to design and manufacture her shoes.

She met the challenge of COVID by pivoting her shoe design to make military-grade combat boots for women (because, shockingly, those haven’t been made to fit women’s bodies to date - and Natasha’s an expert on that). 

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What to listen for: 

  • How you can rock a military career and still come back to create your personal dream job
  • What it takes to have a strong family foundation, and how each of us defines fashion and femininity differently
  • The important skill of being able to size somebody up in an instant
  • Her pivot from luxury shoes to military-grade combat boots - something done out of necessity as COVID has hit the bottom line, because who’s buying cute shoes to go out in anymore?

How can I shop Norie Shoes?

Twitter @norieshoesnyc

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