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Dear White Women

Aug 24, 2020

What sort of impact can one person (or two people) have on an existing health crisis that’s largely been ignored for years - and that crisis is happening in the United States, to its citizens?

If you’re Ali Rose VanOverbeke or Brytanie Killebrew, the answer is: you create a product that builds a circular economy - it’s a needed product that employs returning citizens to make it, and resources for the community of Flint, Michigan to get better access to fundamental resources - like WATER - that they should be receiving anyway as a basic right of just being human.

We had so much fun in this conversation because these women are so intentional in their commitment to giving back to their community. You don’t want to miss this one.

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What to listen for: 

  • Why these women are doing what they’re doing at Genusee, and how they got there
  • The circular economy that they built through their sustainable eyewear brand.
  • Being mindful of the “white savior” complex, living in the community that you’re doing the work in, and the future of this amazing company. 
  • Reasons why you’d never buy glasses anywhere else ever again.

Where can you shop Genusee?

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