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Dear White Women

Sep 9, 2020

We are tired. You are tired. We see it in the stats, we hear it in your stories.

This wasn’t necessarily the episode we planned to air this week, but it’s one we hope you listen to - especially when you tell yourself that things feel too hard.

We’ll be interviewing the current reigning Miss Hawaii USA® 2020 - Samantha Neyland - about her Juneteenth activism and what it was like being the first Black Teen Hawaii and Black Ms. Hawaii. 

We’ll also talk way more personally about the impact Chadwick Boseman had on Misasha’s family, and on so many other Black individuals who needed inspiration, about the disappointing though expected decline in interest in Black Lives Matter, and about performative allyship vs real change.

Misasha makes Sara cry in this one. You’ll want to listen.

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