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Dear White Women

Sep 16, 2020

Have you ever followed someone on Instagram just because of how their feed looks?

And when you look at social media, and how people portray themselves, do you judge? Even quietly, to yourself?

My dad always said not to get a facial piercing because people would judge; now imagine people of color who are judged by the color of their skin, their appearance, before they even have a chance to say a word.

Today we are talking about what’s happening in the fashion industry with regards to Black Lives Matter. Even if you aren’t yourself into high fashion, you’ll appreciate what our conversation partner, fellow biracial woman - half Black half White Hope McGrath has to say about labels - both fashion labels and the ones we put on ourselves and each other when we ask “what ARE you?”- and how we can make choices that will help shift the tide when it comes to providing role models and access points for little girls and boys who don’t look like the leggy skinny White models that used to be the only thing we’d see.

What to listen for: 

  • Why Hope is both optimistic and sad about fashion’s newfound focus on #blacklivesmatter
  • Some of the organizations that are instrumental in pushing for change in fashion’s approach to diversity, including the Fifteen Percent Pledge, and the Kelly Initiative
  • Which companies have launched offensive products or inappropriate campaigns, and what we think we as individuals can do about them. Boycott H&M, for example.
  • How this country is not used to seeing the biracial identity beyond Black and White, and is completely confused about how to handle people like Kamala Harris. Who, in our opinion, should be able to identify herself however she damn well pleases.

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About Hope: 

Hope McGrath is a creative entrepreneur & coach who is a catalyst for positive change. As a two-decade fashion industry veteran, throughout her career Hope as worked with top designers and artists producing cover 150+ fashion shows and cutting-edge art exhibitions in New York City. Hope McGrath is a Certified Transformational Coach and the host of the Radiant Mix podcast, which celebrated the mixed experience, where she combines her love of fashion, wellness, arts & culture, psychology, spirituality, and social consciousness into her work. As a biracial woman, Hope McGrath aims to use her voice to elevate, educate and spread unity through her own unique form of creative social activism. She is the co-founder of the Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreats and is a proud Brooklyn mom and wife of a visionary artist.

Where to find Hope: 

Hope McGrath

Radiant Mix




And importantly, here is the information for her new digital course!

Hope is launching a new digital course for multiracial women and feminine allies that embrace diversity, heal from toxic relationships, loneliness and deep sense of unfulfillment. She will be offering sacred tools and teachings so they can love themselves, live life with purpose, passion and style while opening themselves up for authentic love. To inquire about this course, email her at