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Dear White Women

Dec 14, 2021

One thing that we’ve found to be true, from discussions around the book, to how to have uncomfortable conversations around the dinner or holiday tables, to sharing the stories that we are so lucky to be able to get to do on this podcast - it all comes back to how this work, the hard work of inclusion, anti-racism, and how to make lasting change, has to start first  from within. We have to see each other as humans first, and find those commonalities so that we can then address our differences. Cancel culture isn’t working out. We need bridges in order to be able to see that new world.

This skill of looking within - it’s something that we talk about so much with our kids and their learning but something that we, as adults, largely brush to the side as one of those nebulous “nice to haves”. But that’s where we go wrong. We need empathy now more than ever, and today’s guest, Syah, is here to show us how to approach conversations - and indeed, all the spheres of influence that we each hold - with that empathy that we need to make intentional, lasting change. There were light bulb moments for both of us throughout this podcast, and we’d love to hear if any came up for you all as well.

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What to listen for:

  • The power of empathy, and the role it plays in anti-racism work
  • What resistance Syah sees in talking about empathy in the workplace
  • Specific exercises we can do to boost our empathy skills - these were BRILLIANT

About Syah:

Syah is a creative strategist, able to design and facilitate transformative experiences that expand one’s awareness of themselves, other cultures, and oppressive systems. Their goal is to shift our standards for workplace culture to be more sustainable and empowering for marginalized communities.  A seasoned social justice educator, Syah is able to use their counseling psychology background to unveil hard truths in intentional ways that can be received, processed, and acted upon. Syah also serves as a proud board member of two LGBTQ+ led nonprofit organizations. Joy as Resistance which is dedicated to promoting the hope and joy of LGBTQIA2+ youth through comprehensive mental health and wellness services. And Envision: You who Supports LGBTQ+ folks struggling with mental and behavioral health challenges.


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