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Dear White Women

Jun 7, 2022

White people, you keep asking us what you can DO differently to be more anti-racist.  So this summer, we’re answering that question in bite-sized ways.  This isn’t a checklist; this is simply a primer.  If you want more, go buy our book, Dear White Women: Let’s Get (Un)comfortable Talking About Racism.

Today, we’re hitting up some of the most common points of push-back or questions we get when we talk with White people.  Because let’s be honest - talking about race and racism is uncomfortable… for everyone.  Listen in and share this episode with a friend you think might be able to talk with you about all of this!  


What to listen for: 

  • The shift we all need to take from being “not racist” to anti-racist
  • Why you should never say you’re colorblind
  • Common points of pushback, including fear of cancel culture and perfectionism
  • What do we say or do with our (White) kids?
  • The huge amount of power women have in America to make a difference 


Other episodes to listen to:

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  • Episode 100 with Ervin Staub, who survived the Nazi invasion