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Dear White Women

Aug 28, 2020

When you work on Kanye’s first album, then for Calvin Klein, and then in ethical kids’ fashion, what’s your natural next step?

If you said designing your own (amazing) dresses, you’d be talking about the owner and creator of mrs. jones, Nichole Moss. This powerhouse woman thinks about EVERY detail of the clothes...

Aug 26, 2020

Here on the podcast, we’ve been focusing on the intentionality of this sustainable lifestyle shift.  It can’t be just reading an anti-racism book once to your child and - suddenly - your child is an anti-racist forever.  It has to be more than that, and it has to last longer than a month.

That’s where Barbershop...

Aug 24, 2020

What sort of impact can one person (or two people) have on an existing health crisis that’s largely been ignored for years - and that crisis is happening in the United States, to its citizens?

If you’re Ali Rose VanOverbeke or Brytanie Killebrew, the answer is: you create a product that builds a circular economy -...

Aug 21, 2020

When you think about luxury shoe designers, who comes to mind? We’re fairly sure you’re not thinking about Natasha Standard from Norie Shoes - but you should be.

This military veteran not only makes amazing shoes that are stylish but walkable, but she also travels to Italy regularly to design and manufacture her...

Aug 19, 2020

If every person in the U.S. spent just $20 at a woman-owned business, it would drive more than five billion dollars towards female-led companies each month.

You’ve heard us talking on the show about how strongly we believe in the power of voting - both voting voting, which we’ll talk about on a later episode, and...