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Dear White Women

Nov 25, 2020

When’s the last time you had a Toni Morrison book read to you?  Like, by Margaret Atwood, Tayari Jones (An American Marriage), Brit Bennett (The Vanishing Half), and more?  

We are beyond thrilled to highlight a fantastic event put on by Literacy Partners - a Thanksgiving weekend reading of Toni Morrison’s Song of...

Nov 18, 2020

Here’s something we’ve never thought about before, because we’ve taken privacy law HIPAA at face value.  What happens with my private medical information if I’m in an emergency room of the hospital, and there is a police presence in that same emergency room?

And importantly, how is this situation even worse for...

Nov 11, 2020

Who do you picture when you hear the word “veteran”? If you picture someone white, you’re not alone.

Today we spend some time sharing the military history and stories of marginalized groups, including Black Americans, Japanese Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans. These groups often were the most decorated in...

Nov 4, 2020

It’s the day after the election if you’re listening to this as we roll episodes out. It’s been One Heck Of A Year, and we want to give you this gift of breathwork and a reminder of how to be an ally when we are all still feeling overwhelmed by it all.

This episode is dedicated to pushing through the discomfort,...