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Dear White Women

Apr 23, 2024

You know that person you know - the one who exaggerates everything?

It’s kind of like that story of the blameless “boy who cried wolf” who lives in fantasy land and never takes responsibility for anything - and this person seemingly has not only the best life anyone could ever imagine, with loads of money, tons of friends, amazing vacations, but also, nothing ever seems to go wrong? (Instagram is a drug, friends).

Now imagine that friend is running (again) for President of the United States.

And that friend is bringing that energy into the race in the most destructive, divisive way possible, in which he’s only out for himself - which his statements prove

Those statements that you would roll your eyes at and dismiss? Now, you no longer can, because those statements tell you who he is, and exactly what he plans to do if he gets re-elected (spoiler alert: it’s going to be hugely destructive to our lives as we know them, and most, if not all, of our freedoms that we take for granted.).

You guessed it - we’re talking about Trump, and why we need to take him at his word. In other words, even though it’s painful - don’t look away.

He’s giving us the blueprint of how a Trump presidency would be, and not only is it worse than last time, it will destroy our democracy and our freedom along with it.


What to listen for?

  • Why we think the risk of having Trump in a second term is FAR more dangerous than having Biden.

  • Looking specifically at the harms that will befall our country because of things like his views on:  

    • Immigration and making America a white-supremacist-centered nation,

    • Ukraine and what that says about his desire to pander to the influence of outside nations,

    • His hatred of the press and what that indicates about his desire to turn America into an authoritarian state, 

    • Violence, and how a deeper threat of control and violence will eventually impact every American citizen 

    • Abortion, and what this means for every woman, mother, and person capable of bearing a child, including families overall. 

  • Do not look away from the massive threat Trump poses for our country. 

Link to Trump’s Authoritarian Playbook 2025:


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