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Dear White Women

Jun 18, 2024

This one goes out to all the busy women in our community.

Whether you’re a Type-A, a Recovering Type-A, a paid working mom or a working mom in the home - we hear it over and over again: we women are feeling stretched super thin, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

Enter a radical mindset shift: the power of rest.

We’re excited to bring you a conversation with Kibi Anderson, who drops brilliant reframing of what we think of as rest (it’s not always what we’ve been led to believe) and other life advice that helped us breathe a little better.  


What to listen for

  • Kibi’s story to becoming the Rested Rebel!

  • What is rest? Anything that gives you joy, moving from me-care to we-care. 

  • Other life advice including not to take things personally, and not to make assumptions - from The Four Agreements. 

  • All about the multi-author book, Point Taken, that Kibi was part of, and why you should buy a friend a copy.

About Kibi

Kibi Anderson is an author, coach, keynote speaker, and Emmy Award-winning content producer. She is a graduate of Harvard College and NYU Stern Business School, and the founder of Life Editor, a firm providing communications and leadership coaching to C-Suite & Senior Leaders. She has helped drive millions of dollars in annual revenue, created international content campaigns, and offered counsel to global Fortune 100 and startup clients. She has traversed an illustrious career in international management consulting, film production, and technology entrepreneurship while also managing a chronic auto-immune condition. She believes and teaches that the key to ultimate professional success is not through working harder, but embracing the power in the pause.