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Dear White Women

Jun 14, 2022

As biracial - Japanese and White - hosts of a long-running weekly podcast, we are very aware that, given how we look, we have, at times, benefited from White privilege.  We are also very clear that this is a privilege that Misasha’s Black husband will never once benefit from.

Today’s short episode dives into defining what White privilege is, explaining common misconceptions of the term, and what to do when we (or others) push back against accepting the truth about our privilege.  Listen in and share this episode with a friend you think might be able to talk with you about all of this!  


What to listen for: 

  • What is White privilege?  It means the privilege White people have of NOT getting knocked down a peg based on their skin color
  • Explaining common misperceptions - including making it clear that White privilege is NOT financial privilege (though governmental policy has been biased against the financial success of people of color)
  • How do we help ourselves when we want to deny our own privilege?  What do we say when other people say they don’t have White privilege?


More resources: Chapter 2 of our book, Dear White Women, Let’s Get (Un)comfortable Talking About Racism.