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Dear White Women

Feb 5, 2020

TRIGGER WARNING: Abuse and addiction references.

Often times, women of color aren’t represented properly or advocated for when dealing with the justice system. They’re typically dismissed, wrongly accused, and ignored altogether. Molly Ryan - Kills Enemy not only endured severe physical, sexual, and emotional trauma but has endured years of ignorance from the justice system. 

As an indigenous woman raised in a white family, Molly has a unique perspective of how culture and parenthood impact the lives of children. As a mother of children who are also trauma survivors, she’s seen how abuse drastically alters the path children take in life. Molly shares how she’s battled ending negative cycles from her own parenting experience, dealing with an abusive father and the justice system, the impacts that abuse has had in her personal life, and how adopting truth and neglecting judgment leads to healing. 

Join Sara and Misasha in this insightful continuation of the 2020 Womxn’s March Denver to experience a unique narrative and impactful story that reflects true strength and tenacity through adversity. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Being raised in a white family gave Molly an empathetic understanding of both narratives – being white and indigenous. 
  • Parenthood is reflective of how parents were parented and impacts how children evolve
  • Molly shares how she and her children survived an abusive home situation and the battle she experienced with the justice system 
  • The process behind Molly’s lawsuit and how her attorney advocated for her
  • The torment Molly’s family endured from their abuser even after court 
  • How abuse impacts children and trauma can put children in prison 
  • Preconceived notions and judgments that native people face and how embracing truth can lead to healing 


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